Silver Tin Canister - Wide Type

Wide Type
  • Silver Tin w100g-3.5oz
  • Silver Tin w150g-5.3oz
  • Silver tin wide_01
  • siilver tin wide_02
  • siilver tin wide_03
  • gold color tin internal cap
  • Clear plastic case
  • silver_wide_bottom
Product Name Wide Type

3.5 oz ( 100g )
5.3 oz ( 150g )
7 oz ( 200g )
*details are on products page




With gold color tin internal cap
in the clear plastic case
Made in Japan

Our Silver Tin Tea Canisters also come in a shorter, wider type size.

Ideal for smaller spaces or for stacking.

With its simple design and modern look, the silver canisters standout as our most popular item.

The capacities listed show the amount of sencha (Japanese tea leaves) that can be stored in each canister.

Silver Canisters are Not Click to LineUp.