Nuri-Muji Color Tin Canister - Long Type

Long Type
  • Color Tin Long375g 13.2oz Eggshell White
  • Color Tin Long600g 21.1oz Eggshell White
  • Color Tin Long100g 3.5oz Glossy Black
  • Color Tin Long100g 3.5oz  Blue
  • Color Tin Long150g 5.3oz Akasabi Red
  • Color Tin Long200g 7oz Uguisu Green
  • Color Tin Long200g 7oz Botan Pink
  • Gold color tin internal cap
  • Black Bottom
  • Clear plastic case
Product Name Long Type

1.3 oz ( 37g )
3.5 oz ( 100g )
5.3 oz ( 150g )
7 oz ( 200g )
10.5 oz ( 300g )
13.2 oz ( 375g )
17.5 oz ( 500g )
21.1 oz ( 600g )
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Tin with Lacquer Paint Coating


Mat Black,
Semi-Mat Eggshell White,
Semi-Mat Dark Brown,
Semi-Mat Light Teal,
Semi-Mat Lilac,
White, Grossy Black,
Apple Red, Akasabi Red,
Blue, Botan Pink, Uguisu Green,
Pastel Green, Pastel Yellow,
Pastel Blue, Pastel Pink

Custom colors : over 192pcs / size


With gold color tin internal cap
In the clear plastic case
Made in Japan
MOQ: 192pcs per one color & one size
The Nomal Production Lead Time: Approx. 1month

The Nuri-Muji Color Tin Tea Canister is lacquer coated by hand and can be customized with the color of your choice.

Original designs can be printed on with silk screen printing as well.

For other sizes and other colors, please contact us through our contact form.

The capacities listed show the amount of sencha (Japanese tea leaves) that can be stored in each canister.