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Scented Candle -A
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Product Name Scented Candle -A

3.5 oz ( 100g )
Φ2.87" x 3.15" (fΦ7.3 x 8.0 cm)


Tin with Inden Japanese Washi Paper
100% Pure Soy Wax
Cotton wick


Earl Gray
Jasmine Tea
Hazelnuts Coffee


Burning time: 60hours
In the clear plastic case
Made in Japan

Tea candles made by the tea canister company.

Instead of tea leaves, we placed tea- and coffee-scented candles in the canister adorned with Inden Japanese paper.

Our candles are made from all natural and soybean wax.  And we use only 100% cotton wicks.

Available in Earl Gray, Jasmine Tea, and Hazelnuts Coffee scents.

Enjoy the cozy aroma.

*Inden is a traditional Japanese pattern with textured and glossy surface.