Nuri-Komon Tin Canister - Nuri-Komon Tin Canister

Nuri-Komon Tin Canister
  • Kiriko
  • Asanoha
  • Futaba (Leaf)
  • Arare (Polka Dot)
  • Tatewaku (Wavy Stripe)
  • Black Bpttom
Product Name Nuri-Komon Tin Canister

Wide type13.2 oz ( 375g)

Color, Designs

Kiriko: Mat Black
Asanoha: Semi-Mat Eggshell White
Futaba (Leaf) : Semi-Mat Dark Brown
Arare (Polka Dot) : Semi-Mat Light Teal
Tatewaku (Wavy Stripe): Semi-Mat Lilac


Tin with Lacquer Paint Coating


without internal cap
in the clear plastic case
Clear Lid with knob handle is utility model registered
Made in Japan

Available in Asanoha, Futaba (Leaf), Arare (Polka Dot), and Tatewaku (Wavy Stripe).

Nuri-Komon cans with a knob shaped handle attached to the top of our lids for easier use.

The clear lid allows you to keep track of what is stored inside.

*The sale ends when all the stock is sold out.