Natural Wood Tin Canister - Long Type -Walnut-

Long Type -Walnut-
  • Natural Wood Tin Canister long3.5oz (100g) Walnut
  • Natural Wood Tin Canister long5.3oz (150g) Walnut
  • Natural Wood Tin Canister long7oz (200g) Walnut
  • gold color tin internal cap
  • Black bottom
  • Clear plastic case
Product Name Long Type -Walnut-

long 3.5 oz (100g)
long 5.3 oz (150g)
long 7 oz (200g)
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Tin with natural genuine wood veneer


With gold color tin internal cap
In the clear plastic case
Made in Japan

The can is hand-wrapped in extremely thinly sliced real wood.
Because it is real wood, the color and grain will vary.

Walnut and Oak varieties comprise our lineup.

The  3.5oz (100g) to 7oz (200g) are our most standard line, Perfect for storing Teas.

For other sizes, please contact us through our contact form.

The capacities listed show the amount of sencha (Japanese tea leaves) that can be stored in each canister.