TYTE -Airtight Canister- - BLACK

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Product Name BLACK

φ2.87”x H2.48”
(φ7.3cm x H6.3cm)


Steel, TPE


Airtight seal.
Comes in a craft package.
KOTODO® logo sticker on the bottom of each canister.
Made in Japan
MOQ: 60 pcs


U.S.patent 11,332,289
JP.patent 6923139 patent 1667234
【The lid structure of TYTE canisters ensure a tight seal with the signal sound that tells the lid has been properly closed.】

TYTE BLACK canisters are specially designed to ensure an airtight seal that prevents smell and water leakage.
You can turn it upside down without a single drop of water spilling out!

The lid was made with safety in mind, so it will be difficult for children to open. Because of this feature, it’s great for storing anything you want to keep away from children.

The all-black, chic design is stunning and comes with a removable magnet on the bottom of the canister, so you can attach the canister to a refrigerator or stacked them up together.

Please Click here for Quick review (20 seconds!) : Opening and closing TYTE canister video

Please Click here for Opening and closing TYTE canisters video

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