Sakura Tea Tin Canister - Wide Type

Wide Type
  • Sakura Tin Tea Canisiter wide100g, 3.5oz
  • Sakura Tin Tea Canisiter wide150g, 5.3oz
  • Sakura Tin Tea Canisiter wide200g, 7oz
  • Clear plastic case
Product Name Wide Type

3.5 oz ( 100g )
5.3 oz ( 150g )
7 oz ( 200g )
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Tin with cherry tree bark


With gold color tin internal cap
in the clear plastic case
Made in Japan

Handwrapped in Sakura Cherry Bark Traditional design from Akita region of Japan. Eco-friendly, no damage to the Sakura Tree Sakura Cherry Bark will age beautifully, naturally.

Every Sakura Tin Tea Canister has unique patterns as each canister is crafted using natural tree bark.

Please avoid to expose them in the sun-light, near heating facilities nor moist place for too long-time. Those activities can easily cause peel-off the cherry-tree skins and fail longevity at last.

The capacities listed show the amount of sencha (Japanese tea leaves) that can be stored in each canister.