Announcing Our New Website: TYTE by BLUNA


We are happy to announce that our sister company, BLUNA, launched their website!
Check out their airtight, smell-proof canisters here:







– + – + – BLUNA – + – + –
This name carries with it a sincere message from this 111year old Japanese company.
Bluna comes from the combination of blue and luna. Since mankind first walked the earth, we have been fascinated by this mysterious blue moon that sheds its light on us through the night. It has been the center of countless mysteries and legends for thousands of years and holds deep meaning for people of all cultures, beliefs, and nationalities. It’s a symbol of guidance, rebirth, and hope. Because of its rarity, the blue moon is also known as the “Miracle Moon” that brings happiness.
For KOTODO, the creation of Bluna and TYTE canisters is about more than wishing upon a star for the future of our historic company, it is the creation of our own “Miracle Moon” that will bring our customers happiness.