A Harmonious Celebration of Tradition and Taste


Summer and Autumn in Japan is a time of vibrant celebrations, and refreshing teas. It’s the perfect season to explore the captivating world of Japanese matsuri (festivals) and how they beautifully intertwine with the art of tea, creating moments of pure harmony and bliss.

One of the most beloved summer beverages is barley tea called “mugicha.” This refreshing drink compliments the summer heat during many festivals. Take a big sip of this nutty and soothing flavor to stay hydrated through the festivals.

KOTODO Yuzen-Washi Canisters: Design #69 reminiscent of fireworks blooming at night.
These canisters not only serve as containers for tea leaves but also represent the festive spirit of season. You can embrace the tradition of Japan by enjoying these exquisite canisters, connecting the culture with the flavor in perfect harmony.

Matsuri in Japan