– Important announcement regarding price increase –


After three years, carriers have resumed offering international economy shipping options. Unfortunately, due to a 38% to 69% increase in shipment fees (depending on the size), we are facing a significant increase in our shipping costs.

Since the international shipping fee is already included in the price of each item, we have no choice but to revise our prices. Despite the increase, the shipping fare included in the cost is still much lower than the standard shipping fee.

In addition, the rate increases when there is less volume in a single shipment, so we have set the minimum order to $700.00. For those who want to place smaller orders, we can still accept orders of $300.00 – $700.00, though a 20% surcharge will be added.

Although the wholesale price will be higher, we are currently creating POP displays for in-store & online store promotions to help your store sell more KOTODO cans.
We are planning to mail the POP display with a stand to customers who wish to receive it free of charge, or to email a PDF file for printing. We will let you know when we are ready to distribute them.

We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience and hope you can understand the situation.